The history of Quintu honey is intimately tied to the founder. One day, when Jacques got a small and beautiful jar filled with delicious honey, he got intrigued by the exceptional taste of pure, organic honey.

Artisanal uniflower honey produced in Europe

Quintu Orange Blossom honey

Since that moment, he can’t imagine mornings without the golden spread of the buzzing critters. While he understood there’s a lot to love about organic honey, he couldn’t however find any honey as tasty as the memorable present he got from a friend.

Quintu Citrus Blossom honey

A few years later, traveling through Sicily, Jacques was stung again by the bee bug. The idea of founding Quintu arises in his personal search for succulent honey.


When he meets a collective of bio farmers with vast organic orchards, he learns he can actually help save bee populations by producing at the same time the tastiest of all honeys: Quintu was born.

Pure flower honey in three flavours

Organic honey in three flavours