Nature’s finest
organic honey

Quintu introduces pure organic honey with a fresh, forward-thinking attitude. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, taking a 360-degree view at the world around us. We hope you will enjoy our organic products with a renewed respect for nature and an esteem for the slower things in life.

Quintu’s organic hives are located in-between vast organic orchards in Sicily and Bulgary, providing a life of luxury for our bees. We like to create harmony between sweet and pure, with just the perfect touch of nature’s finest. This makes for a deliciously natural and genuinely pristine flavour.


Quintu doesn’t add anything to its honey. We use traditional extraction methods and make our organic honey in small batches. We filter our honey in Belgium, only once before it is bottled. Quintu is a veritable song to biological produce and European craftsmanship.

Our honey is Certisys certified, to guarantee the credibility of our bio honey and to promote natural farming. This European organic label inspects and certifies our organic farming system from a to z and secures that our bio honey and its organic origin have been properly controlled.